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Month May 2018

On Tuesdays we celebrate!

Well, this Tuesday we celebrated – so there’s that. Perusing good sir Schneier’s page and he was just at CMU for a humanity and security confab – 11th in an ongoing series. All of the sudden I’m reading a book… Continue Reading →

Friday focus – Ukraine, football, & VPNfilter

One more week into the history books, eh? We learned that Spectre isn’t quite dead yet – thankfully it’s only a concern for Intel powered computers… oh. Just finished reading this: The U.S. law enforcement agency urged the owners of… Continue Reading →

hello from the couch

tech & laziness combine – we living the best life!! well this is cool. go me!! ::s::

On the power of institutional memeory

Say you have created a website that reflects your personality and your goals and ambitions. Say you then stop creating – and in time the website goes away. Is it gone? Well … no. No it’s not (though Angelfire may… Continue Reading →

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