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Month July 2018

phone photos

perhaps? seems to be there…let us save & post

oddly in july, old & new, life is great

indescribable joy a bit plays in the living roomsisters love envelopeshope shinesmy heart swells

oddly in July everything is precious and nothing is precious

a helping hand can make a chore more enjoyable – Jul ’18, hobbit house Preciousness. oh, the years hours days I’ve spent worrying about everything. How my child is going to destroy the kindness offering of our friends children’s luggage. … Continue Reading →

oddly, July is both an ending and a beginning

clouds float in, clouds float out – my mind is a frenzy pack of rabid sloths pondering life – durhamtown, Jul ’18 So here we are.Wrapping things up.Waiting/hoping to start anew once more. I’ve been pondering the stuttering stops that… Continue Reading →

oddly in July, thoughts of community

Lucky, definitely – Jul ’18, American Tobacco Campus, durhamtown Community. It’s not just a funny show on TV! Currently I’m a big fan of where I live – durhamtown has been a nice place to be. But it’s not the… Continue Reading →

oddly in July, friends, friendships and family

clear skies and a pass to the party deck! Good times – Jul ’18, DBAP I’ve enjoyed the kindnesses bestowed upon me and mine these past few days – just really nice, super easy, truly a good way to live… Continue Reading →

oddly in July, summer filled energy and angst

rain falls to the ground, occasionally missing – Jul ’18, durhamtown Summer in durhamtown – personally not the best thing about durhamtown. ’cause … the south. Warm. A bit muggy. Of course, the amount of snow I have to shovel… Continue Reading →

oddly in July, days fly by. I try to listen at least.

Rumbly ponders blocks in his playroom – Jun ’18, @ Hobbit House It’s what you do every day.I guess that’s the best advice, guidance, wisdom I will have to offer the wee Lad. So I will attempt to make a… Continue Reading →

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