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on a Tuesday evening, oddly in June

Gutenberg, from which a lot of Truth, a lot of happiness, lies & pain. what if something different was discovered – mockingbirds that were recorders, butterflies that changed into images with a magic saying. what would our lives be like…. Continue Reading →

On an odd Tuesday in June, I draft…

quickly. from mt90.com/wp – not where I want, but it looks like I have it all so that’s a win, yesh? clean up on aisle ‘holy-shit-for-nearly-20-years-blather-blogging-batshit!’ – also hello world, you motherfuckers – what the hell. where’s our jetpacks? ::s::

a significant occurance – oddly in november

hyper realistic skies over durhamtown – ~november ’18, durhamtown (duh) an important, crucial, serious occurrence. If there was a plan I’d go so far as to say “a change in plans” – alas,  without said plan sadly, that’s not to… Continue Reading →

I looked for a name…

odd how even in august I can’t put together a string…

the clear blue sky above my head – eek! – aug ’18, hobbit house I’m sorry I haven’t spoken with you lately friend. //do I leave what I wrote below? do I share? do I  hide it out of …… Continue Reading →

oddly near the end of August surprises abound

cloudy skies, blank walls, light traffic – au ’18, durhamtown What exactly is it that I want to write here?What exactly is it that I think I have to write about?“write every day, speak every week” – good advice, but… Continue Reading →

even in August piano covers sound wonderful

why oh why won’t the universe give me a sign!!!???? – aug ’18, durhamtown begin. again.Hi. How are you doing? Good I hope. You’re looking good – summer treating you well? Yeah – time away from the grind helps a… Continue Reading →

even in August there’s the feeling of beginning

dawn’s … well, early isn’t it, really – layabout light, aug ’18, hobbithouse the beginning of honest acknowledgement that there are problems to be dealt with.the beginning of ‘but it’s now, and the future. Nothing about before really truly matters’the… Continue Reading →

even in August, quiet nights fly by so quickly

other-worldly coloration, but it looks sooooo soft – Aug ’18, durhamtown ‘write every day. give a speech, make a podcast every week’ – hmmm… well that’s a good idea, eh? bright beautiful western light, a play room with the best… Continue Reading →

because even in August I want to be helpful!

So, in my trek there was discussion that theoretically was in my sphere of knowledge – 4-wheel-drive vans. I am fairly sure I wasn’t as expressive as I could have been, but in my defense “sleep dep” can be fun,… Continue Reading →

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