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it’s strange that she should be offended …

the same orders were given by her” … “it’s the home of police that hit black boys on mopeds” a voice from too many lifetimes ago, singing truths that I fear have sadly turned out to be fact. Sinead from… Continue Reading →

and so the weekend starts …

just finished a mid morning snack of milk and cookies … well, milk in my coffee – does that I count? I’ve spent too much time this morning looking for widgets to tell me the time and weather on my… Continue Reading →

really really hot cookie sheet – 1, scott’s oh so tender left hand webbing – 0

###BREAKING NEWS### ###BREAKING NEWS###In an attempt to capitalize on the enjoyment found in the typical colonial village kitchen, scott commenced with a 2nd round of oatmeal choco chip cookies (from a mix – don’t be too impressed) this evening, what… Continue Reading →

why hello march – how the hell are you?

rabbits of whiterabbits of nightrabbits in twos & threesrabbits hiding up in the treeswhy do I care so much about rabbits?why do I care so much about them – don’t I know where I’m goingI can get there without them?… Continue Reading →

12:15pm last day of february…

still not sure what to do when it says 68/71 degrees out at 10:05 on my drive into work. Really? 70? um, ok. Guess I’ll just work with it. I’m finding that the time I spend solo commuting tends to… Continue Reading →

2:57pm wednesday afternoon, in the middle of february…

in the middle of scott heart’s scott month.in the middle of life taking things, in the middle of fun games of ping pong at motorcoin the middle of learning to dance!in the middle of wondering if I’ll die in my… Continue Reading →

11:11 01Feb11 … some sort of numerological arrangement there …

Scott Hearts Scott month – that’s what my cohorts in this non-criminal enterprise have tagged it. The day started with a somewhat yummy breakfast – eggs and bagel, then a kind and thoughtful memento to indicate the start of the… Continue Reading →

a present before the end of the month …

for saying ‘rabbit, rabbit, rabbit’ three times the first thing in the morning on the first of the month. Not a bad offer, frankly. February has arrived. I’ll flip calendar pages for the next few days. I’ll focus on the… Continue Reading →

ah, what a long strange trip it has been… (warning – rant-opia)

as the dead sang of years ago. watched the end of a biography show on Bruce – iconic is a really good word. R&T has a redesign, Peter writes about a friends tailsman, and I have those odd quiet sunny… Continue Reading →

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