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An afternoon post this time…

ttocslandMarch 7th, 20042:10 PM + 07Mar04 = Sunday afternoon… Some have asked for updates. I’ve tried to comply. and as I sit here thinking “whoa – just a week ago, eh?” – the Oscars has this steamroller effect on my… Continue Reading →

another monday night entry…

ttocslandJanuary 26th, 2004Current Mood: bored6:56pm + 26Jan04 = Monday night… Sitting here in the Academy Garage, the quiet before the storm of ‘nomination announcement’. Generally feeling… nothing. Chatted with blood last night. Had an excellent weekend, actually. Let’s see what… Continue Reading →

Thursday night – I’m writing!!! Bionik writing at that!

ttocslandJanuary 15th, 2004Current Mood: amused8:44pm +15Jan04 = Thursday night And I find it kind of funny I find it kind of sadThe dreams in which I’m dyingAre the best I’ve ever had-“Mad World”, by Tears for Fears; recently a hit… Continue Reading →

Only 1 in the morn … close.

ttocslandSeptember 21st, 2003Current Mood: content1:01am PDT _ 21Sep03 = early Sunday morning… Do not miss your opportunity I sit, with two pups wanting to play, a heavy handed rum and coke, Emenm singing about losing yourself … I reflect on… Continue Reading →

Hello thurs nite!!

ttocslandSeptember 18th, 2003Current Mood: goodCurrent Music:Diamond Dogs – by Beck – Moulin Rouge Soundtrack11:32pm PDT + 18Sep03 = Thurs nite.. Here they come…Come out of the garden baby, catch a death of the fogthe girls we call the diamond dogs….. Continue Reading →

Hmmm … either it’s a wednesday or a tuesday… honest. we gots ourselves a pup!!!

ttocslandJune 10th, 2003Current Mood: jubilant9:32pm PDT + 10Jun03 = wednesday evening… Here I am again. How the hell does that happen. A very nice thing happened today – got a note from my mom’s friend saying I was doing a… Continue Reading →

catching up on posts…

ttocslandApril 16th, 2003Current Mood: aggravatedCurrent Music:Don’t Give Up – Gregorian Chant version10:14pm + 16Apr03 = wednesday evenging Seems I never posted this short observation – 9:47pm + 03Feb03 = monday evening… wow- what a weekend, eh? Huh. Not sure what… Continue Reading →

Monday evening…

ttocslandFebruary 3rd, 2003Current Mood: shocked9:47pm + 03Feb03 = monday evening… wow- what a weekend, eh? Huh. Not sure what I’m making of it all. I’m sure it’s affecting me more that I want to admit – ask Alicia about my… Continue Reading →

a new year…

ttocslandJanuary 6th, 200310:11pm + 06Jan03 = monday evening… post pizza, post 70’s show. had a great chat with blood… and thought I’d add to my site a bit. From this past weekend of fun and frivalry… 12:58am + 05Jan03 =… Continue Reading →

perchance the first scribbles from LexHaus …

ttocslandDecember 18th, 2002Current Mood:comfortableCurrent Music:Bruce Springsteen & Bono & Emmylou Harris & Little Richard & John Mellencamp – This Land Is Your Lan9:30am + 18Dec02 = Wednesday morning The Adventures With Scottie… Notes from a comfortable spot. >>I sit here… Continue Reading →

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